Auto Accident Coverage under Worker’s Compensation


A common question Worker’s Compensation attorneys receive is: “If I am driving to or from work and I am involved in an auto accident, will this be covered under the Indiana Worker’s Compensation Act?”

The answer to this question depends on the situation. You may be covered if your work time begins when you leave your home and ends when you return, AND you were in a direct route to or from work, as opposed to making a pit stop to run a personal errand.

Employees are generally not covered while traveling to and from work, if the place of employment is at a fixed location. However, travel to remote work sites may be compensable. If an employee is injured while being transported to or from work/work sites in vehicles provided by the employer, then the employee is probably covered. Accidents occurring while traveling to or from work in the employee’s personal vehicle may be covered if the travel is required for work.

For further information regarding auto accident coverage under the Indiana Worker’s Compensation Act, you should consult a qualified worker’s compensation attorney.

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