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Indiana Workers’ Compensation Information

Indiana Workers’ Compensation Information Resource

This website is meant to be a resource for workers injured during the course of their employment in the state of Indiana. It includes frequently asked questions, forms commonly used in an Indiana worker’s compensation claim, links to various Indiana state agencies, tips on what to do if you are injured at work, and statistics about work injuries in Indiana.

The purpose of the Workers’ Compensation Act of Indiana, which was passed by the Indiana General Assembly in 1915, is to provide a system in which an injured worker or his dependants—in the event of the worker’s death—can obtain financial assistance when the worker is injured at work. The Act was designed to protect injured workers and their families with a prompt remedy for personal injury or death.

The Workers’ Compensation Board of Indiana administers and enacts the provisions of the Act and was created in 1915 by the Indiana General Assembly. The Board consists of seven members, one of whom serves as chairman. Each member is appointed by the Governor and holds office for four years.

It is important to understand that the Board is an administrative agency, not a court of law. This means that the Board makes rulings and decisions, but does not hear jury trials. Many of the parts of the Act make jury trials unnecessary. The Board has many different powers, which includes the ability to hear, determine, and review all claims made by injured workers and the power to approve claims for medical services.

The information contained on this website applies only to the Workers’ Compensation Act of Indiana. If you were not injured in Indiana, please consult the agency responsible for managing workers’ compensation claims in your state for information specific to your state’s laws.


Indiana Workers’ Compensation News & Information

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Not all workers’ compensation claims result in future medical coverage, and in fact only a small portion of them do.

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Our office recently helped a worker afflicted with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome when the insurance company’s physician disputed the diagnosis.

When a Work Injury Claim is Denied
Sometimes a work injury claim is denied by the worker's compensation insurance carrier. Regardless of the circumstances, all injured workers should receive written notification from the employer if their claim is being denied approximately thirty (30) days after the employer is first made aware of the work accident and injury(s).

Giving a Recorded Statement
It is not unusual for an insurance adjuster to ask the injured worker, or a witness, for permission to take a recorded statement.

New Guidelines for Nurse Case Managers in Indiana
The Indiana Workers' Compensation Board has issued new guidelines for Nurse Case Managers.