Medical Treatment at Your Expense


Medical treatment will be on your own if workers’ compensation denies your work injury claim. Your options are to: 1. Pay out of your own pocket, or 2. File with private health insurance. Keep accurate records of the expenses you accumulate for treatment related to your work injury because this information will be needed if you contest the denial of your claim. If you do contest the fact that your claim was denied by your employer’s insurance carrier, and you file an Application for Adjustment of Claim with the Board, then medical providers who have provided treatment for your work injury cannot try to collect payment from you until it is determined who-either you or your employer’s insurance carrier-is responsible to pay. In order for medical providers to be considered for payment when the Board determines who is responsible to pay your medical treatment, the provider should file an Application of Adjustment of Claim for Provider Fee with the Board. 

This rule only applies to those who treat you for the work injury. So, if your credit card company is coming after you for not making the required payments, even if the reason you cannot make these payments is because you are not working now as a result of your work accident, you will not be protected by your worker’s compensation case.

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