Indiana Workers Compensation Board update


Forms, forms and more forms...


Forms, forms and more forms…

The way it is now: Changes that may affect you, the injured worker.

Effective Monday, February 25, 2013, the Worker’s Compensation Board of Indiana will no longer process 1043 agreements forms or waivers for 0% PPI ratings UNLESS filed as part of an agreed to stipulation, as required by 631 IAC 1-1-11.

What is a 1043 form?

This form is filed when the injured employee and their employer reach an understanding on payment of temporary total disability. When this form is approved by the Board, it constitutes an Award. When an agreement to compensation on an award for permanent partial impairment is reached, this form is filed again.

What is a PPI rating?

PPI stands for partial permanent disability.  It is a percentage that is used to  determine the amount of a permanent disability settlement. PPI can only be  determined by a medical doctor, but there are guidelines that can be used to help  determine it.

**Remember that PPI is a measure of the permanent impairment and is only valid if  there is not anticipated to be any further medical improvement
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