Law firm brings Christmas to Hook patients


Article from the Community Health Network Foundation:  IMPACT UPDATE March 2013

Klezmer Maudlin reaches out to brain injury patients to brighten their holidays.

When the team at the legal firm, Klezmer Maudlin, PC, wanted to give back to their community as a team, they chose to focus their generous attention to the brain trauma patients at Hook Rehabilitation at Community Hospital East.

“Every day we work with people who have been injured on the job. We’ve seen firsthand that when the injury includes brain trauma, the patient needs extra care and understanding,” says Randy Klezmer, partner at Klezmer Maudlin.  “This stirred in us a special empathy for people who, like our clients, are fighting a courageous battle to restore normalcy and quality of life. Often they can’t do anything to help themselves–they can’t think for themselves or do the daily tasks that they had done in the past. They sincerely need the care and compassion of the community.”

“Randy and his employees at Klezmer Maudlin go above and beyond to improve the lives of our patients,” says Shelly Bingle-Coffman, Community Health Network Foundation director of development. “Over the holidays, Randy and his staff toured the inpatient and outpatient rehab center and delivered more than 60 goodie bags, room to room. They even bought one patient a guitar, amp and lessons because his injury didn’t allow him to play the trumpet any longer.”

“We had heard about these two young patients, ages 15 and 20, who  because of financial hardship would not have a Christmas this year. So we bought them special gifts,” says Randy.  “We wanted to bless the patients, but it was our team who felt the most blessed.  We stood teary-eyed around these young patients as they opened their gifts. It was the most special thing our firm has done since I’ve been an attorney.”

In addition to this very personal expression of compassion, the firm also made a significant gift of $10,000 in 2012 and have pledged additional gifts in years to come to be used toward Hook’s greatest needs. Randy Klezmer also offers legal help  by serving on the board of directors of the Brain Injury Association of Indiana. He frequently addresses conferences on issues related to the laws and financial benefits that injured patients are qualified to receive from an injury on the job.

Community Health Network is grateful  to the firm of Klezmer Maudlin for their thoughtfulness and generosity toward our patients. Their kindness demonstrates that sometimes all it takes to make a difference are open eyes to see where the needs are and a willingness to help.

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