Summertime brings more than sunshine


Do summertime jobs cause an increase in work-related injuries?

With an increase in road construction sites, during the summer months, work-related injuries also increase.  Careless behavior, such as driver distractions and speeding, are just a few causes of injuries and/or fatalities related to being hit by passing motorists or receiving injuries from construction site machinery. The same is true for those working in agricultural environments where tractor accidents or incidents involving farm equipment result in injuries or fatalities more often during the summer. Grain bins and elevators also play a role in work-related injuries.

Use extra caution on the job during the summer season.

Injuries from slips and falls are common at any time but an increase in these types of claims occurs during the summer months.  Broken bones and head injuries sometimes occur from accidentally falling in a slippery work area.  Falls are also common in other outdoor locations including at road construction sites and during tree trimming projects. Tripping over outdoor elements or construction site supplies often results in serious work-related injuries.

Don’t ignore safety warnings and precautions and always use common sense.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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