Delay, Delay, Delay


Under the Indiana Workers’ Compensation Act, an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier is required to provide any treatment recommended by the authorized physician for an employee’s work-related injury or illness. The unfortunate reality is that carriers often look for ways to avoid paying for expensive treatment. These tactics include second opinions, utilization reviews, attempting a settlement and simply ignoring the physician’s recommendation.

At Klezmer Mauldin, we constantly fight insurance companies who delay authorizing medical care for injured workers. If your necessary medical care is being delayed, call the attorneys at Klezmer Maudlin. We can help you navigate the deadlines, the forms and the process. We offer free advice and only charge a fee if you need us.

The attorneys at Klezmer Maudlin can help you get the treatment you need and the settlement you deserve. Call 317-569-9644 today to schedule a free consultation.

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