The Good News, The Bad News


In the last ten years, manufacturing jobs in the US have been on the decline.  However, a handful of states are bucking that trend, and Indiana leads that small group.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal says that no state generated more of its output from manufacturing last year than Indiana, where manufacturing accounted for 30 percent of state GDP. Additionally, the state was the nation’s second-largest manufacturer of both durable and nondurable goods as a percent of total output. The state’s auto industry helped to drive durable goods manufacturing, accounting for 5 percent of Indiana’s output, or nearly $15.5 billion, in 2012. Toyota, Honda, and Subaru all maintain facilities in the state, and auto parts giant Cummins is based in Indiana. More than half of the state’s nondurable goods output in 2012 came from chemical products manufacturing. At 8.9 percent of output, this was the most of any state. In addition to high output, the manufacturing sector accounted for 19 percent of all employees in 2012. Indiana was also one of the largest exporters of manufactured products in the nation in 2012, with $61.9 billion in such exports.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that manufacturing jobs often involve repetitive motion, repeated overhead lifting, high levels of vibration, exposure to hazardous substances and many other conditions that can cause serious injury, time lost from work, permanent impairment and even death.

By the numbers:

2013 Worker's Comp Statistics

(Statistics from the Indiana Worker’s Compensation Board)

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