Nurse Case Managers Are Not Always Patient Advocates


 Our office receives many, many compliments about nurse case managers, nurses who are simply individuals hired by insurance companies to facilitate medical care.   However, we also receive a great deal of complaints.  Please remember that there are many excellent nurse case managers who assist patients, care about the patients, and advocate for the patients.

Unfortunately, there are some nurse case managers that are not excellent.  Sometimes they identify themselves in a misleading way to injured workers as “patient advocates.”  In reality, nurse case managers, oftentimes not even nurses, are hired by insurance companies to help contain cost.  Why else would an insurance company hire a nurse or individual to monitor an injured workers medical care, attend appointments, and communicate with the treating physician?

The State Workers’ Compensation Board, on its website, has a list of general rules and requirements for nurse case managers.  Nurses are clearly prohibited from misleading an injured worker and indicating they are a patient advocate.

If a nurse case manager has been assigned to your work injury case, please remember that the nurse is hired by the insurance company to contain medical costs.  Yes, you may have a nurse assigned to your case that cares about you and wants what is best for you, but many nurse case managers do not.  Good luck

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