How often will I receive my disability check and what it I don’t receive it on time?


Your first pay check should arrive about 14 days after the first day you were unable to work.

Around the same time, you will likely receive a form called an Agreement to Compensation of Employee and Employer (Form 1043) from the worker’s compensation insurance carrier showing the amount you are entitled in disability pay. This should be carefully reviewed, signed, and then returned to the insurance carrier for filing with the Worker’s Compensation Board of Indiana.

After you have been ordered off work for more than 21 days, you will receive pay for the first 7 days you were off before your disability pay kicked in.

You should receive your disability pay each week; the Board would have to order your paychecks to be sent in any other installment (for example, bi-weekly or monthly).

If you do not receive your check on time, make sure the doctor has still ordered you off work or on restrictions that your employer is unable to meet, and then contact the insurance adjuster assigned to your case or consult with your attorney.

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