Answering Interrogatory Questions & Requests for Documents During Your Workers’ Compensation Claim


Similar to recorded statements and depositions, interrogatories (sometimes referred to as discovery questions) are used for investigation purposes in litigated claims. Interrogatories are a written set of questions to be answered by the party they are sent to. They must be answered truthfully and to the best of the respondent’s knowledge because, like a deposition, they are under oath and can be used at a workers’ compensation hearing.

Requests for certain documents frequently accompany the interrogatory questions. It is important that you provide this documentation as it will validate and affirm your responses. If you do not have the documentation requested, you may be asked to sign a consent form allowing either party to obtain this information.

If you don’t understand what the questions is asking or know how to answer it, you should do your best to try and answer all of the questions. If you need assistance, consult with your attorney or an Ombudsman at the Workers’ Compensation Board.

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