Qualifications for receiving work comp benefits


Before you will receive any type of disability pay, the following things must happen:

1. Your claim has been accepted by the worker’s compensation insurance carrier.

2. Their doctor has ordered you off work or put you on restrictions that your employer is unable to meet.

3. You have been ordered off work for more than seven days (not necessarily consecutive days).

Your first pay check should arrive about fourteen days after the first day you were unable to work. After you have been ordered off work for more than twenty-one days, you will receive pay for the first seven days you were off before your disability pay kicked in. You will no longer qualify for disability pay if your job can accommodate the doctor’s restrictions and your income is equal to or more than what you drew in TTD or TPD benefits. Similarly, once you have been released at maximum medical improvement by their doctor, your disability checks will stop even if you are unable to return to the job you held before the work accident. The only exception to this rule is a case involving permanent and total disability.

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