What is a Second Injury Fund?


The Second Injury Fund was originally meant to help workers who had a second injury, which when combined with the injuries from a prior accident, left the worker permanently impaired. It was later expanded to also include those individuals who were permanently and totally disabled and had reached their 500 week maximum for disability benefits, as well as, those who needed prosthetic replacements or repairs.

Benefits from the Fund are paid at the same weekly rate as that calculated for the employee’s 500 weeks of disability pay. They are distributed to the injured worker for no more than 150 weeks. An injured worker can seek renewal of benefits for another 150 weeks at the end of each 150 week period. In order to renew your request for benefits from the Fund, it is very important that you do the following:

1. File prior to the end of each benefit period

2. Include with your petition for renewal all medical documentation that proves you are still permanently and totally disabled.

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