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Dangers of Posting on Social Media When Involved in a Workers’ Compensation Case


social-media-seo-logosObviously, any time you post something on social media, it becomes open to public consumption.  As long as you are posting the truth and only the truth, there should be no problem with that.  However, in our law firm, we have seen issues with injured workers appearing to be doing things via social media that contradict their presentation to physicians.  If you are going to Kings Island over the weekend, but telling the physician you cannot work, that would be inconsistent.  As would be going dancing, or any other activity that appears that you are not hurt.  Be careful on what you put on social media, especially if you are in a lot of pain.

We have also seen on social media areas where a client misrepresents facts and then that misrepresentation is used to impeach his/her credibility.  For example, years ago a client said that they worked somewhere that they really did not.  They did not want to appear unemployed on social media so they put a fictitious job on their Facebook account.  Beware of what information you put on social media.


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