Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury, or Both?


construction accident 1Construction sites are one of the most hazardous workplaces with construction workers risking their lives every day to earn a living. From heavy equipment to falling objects, thousands of workers are injured and even killed each year at construction sites.

Even though we have OSHA and construction site safety standards, construction environments are still dangerous. This is where workers’ compensation laws come into play.

If you are hurt on the job, it is imperative to immediately report the accident to your supervisor. If you do not report your injury within 30 days, you may lose your right to collect workers’ compensation benefits. You can find all forms at the Worker’s Compensation Board of Indiana website.

After you fill out the workers’ compensation claim form, give it to your employer and keep a copy for yourself. From this point on, it’s important to keep track of several factors for your records, including:

  • How your injury has impacted your ability to work.
  • All receipts including medicine and travel to doctor’s appointments.
  • All people involved in your claim, including discussions you have with them and the dates of these discussions.
  • Copies of all forms and documents you receive. Include copies of envelopes with postmarks.

But what if your accident happens due to the fault of another company or faulty machinery? Your work-related injuries may involve more than a workers’ compensation claim. If you were injured using defective or faulty equipment, you could have a personal injury claim such as product liability.

There are differences between a workers’ compensation claim and a third-party lawsuit. For example, workers’ compensation claims are handled by the Workers’ Compensation Board of Indiana while third-party lawsuits are handled by civil courts. There are also differences in the type of compensation you will receive, whether you are awarded benefits for pain and suffering or future financial losses due to your accident.

Multiple claims are never simple. The lawyers at Klezmer Maudlin have the knowledge to identify and manage all of your claims simultaneously to help get you the compensation you deserve. Call us at (317) 569-9644 to discuss your situation and see how we can help.

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