Klezmer Maudlin Court of Appeals Victory 2017.06.08


Congratulations to attorney Nathan Maudlin and our client, Pamela McBride. This month, the Indiana Court of Appeals reversed the decisions of the Indiana Workers’ Compensation Board and Full Board and awarded our client the following:

1. Given the fact that Plaintiff’s treatment and surgery at the hands of Dr. Millett were necessary, appropriate, and successful, Plaintiff is entitled to an award as statutory medical for such treatment and surgery beginning April 13, 2010 and ending June 7, 2010.

2. As noted in the Findings above, Dr. Weaver took Plaintiff off work on July 16, 2008. The record specifically notes that it would be for four (4) weeks.

3. Taking the four (4) week period referenced by Dr. Weaver together with the six (6) months after Dr. Millett’s successful surgery, the Single Hearing Member concludes Plaintiff is entitled to an award of thirty (30) weeks of temporary total disability.

Click here for the next of the full Court of Appeals Decision:

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