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Slip and Fall Injuries at a Construction Site

slip and fall constructionSlip and fall accidents are common in the workplace, especially in the construction industry. Over 25,000 fall accidents result in death each year, and falls from heights are the leading cause of fatalities in construction. Slip and fall accidents range from slipping and falling on a slick surface to falling off of scaffolding or even a rooftop.

Fall hazards are present at most worksites and construction workers are exposed to these hazards every day. A fall hazard is anything that could cause you to lose your balance or support and result in a fall. Any walking or working surface at a construction site could be a potential fall hazard.

Each slip and fall case is different, and OSHA has put together standards to help keep construction workers safe while on the job. For example, when working on scaffolds, your employer should provide fall protection, such as guardrails, especially when working over dangerous equipment and machinery.

If you are the victim of a slip and fall accident, make sure to seek medical attention immediately and file an accident report with your employer.

As a victim of a slip and fall accident, you must document all aspects of your accident and injuries. Take pictures of the scene and also of the injuries you sustained. Get statements from anyone who witnessed the accident to help prove your case. Keep track of all of your lost wages, medical bills and transportation expenses throughout the process.

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Los Accidentes Sucede en Sitios de Construcción, Podemos Ayudar

Construcción puede ser trabajo peligroso.  Contratistas, promotores, propietarios, fabricantes de productos y empleadores tienen que mantener normas de seguridad estrictas, pero aveces ellos no prestan atencion a estas normas.

Si un empleado estaba lastimado trabajando en construccion porque los reglas de seguridad no eran implementado, hay el posibilidad que el empleado es eligible para recibir compensacion cuando presentan su caso.  Pero sabias que hay posibilidad que hay otros partes que tienen responsibilidad de proveer compensacion?  Otro partes incluye subcontratistas, fabricantes de equipos y conductors.

En 2013, uno en cinco de los personas que murieron en el trabajo eran trabajadores en construccion.  OSHA(Administración de Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional) tiene cuatro diferente categorias de lesiones para trabajadores de construccion titulado “los cuatro fatales” que incluye caidas, electrocuciones, “atrapada entre” y “golpeado con un objeto.”  Los cuatro fatales son responsible por 58% de los muertes en construccion.

Unos tipos de lesiones y accidentes comunes que podemos atender:

  • Accidentes de resbalones y caídas
  • Lesiones de la cabeza
  • Lesiones del espinazo
  • Lesiones del espalda
  • Accidentes con una grulla o maquinaria pesada
  • La exposición a productos químicos tóxicos y peligrosos
  • Quemaduras y explosions
  • Colapso de trinchera o andamios

Reporte su heridas a su supervisor lo mas pronto possible y consigues tratamiento medico.  Concentras a mejorar y los abogados de KlezmerMaudlin puede trabaja para resolver su caso con el maximo compensacion possible.  Nuestro abogados puede ayudar conseguir las pruebas que necesitas para su caso.  No importa quien tiene la culpa, tienes el derecho de presentar tu caso para compensacion para cubrir tratamiento medico y parte de los ingresos que ha perdido.

Si presentas un reclamo contra otro groupo aparte de tu empleador, el compensacion es en adicional a los beneficios que recibes de su empleador y puede incluir beneficios para dolor y sufrimiento, ingresos perdidos, gastos para tratamiento medico y mas.

Si usted o alguien que conoces ha tenido un accidente trabajando en construccion, llame Klezmer Maudlin at 317-569-9644 y podemos empesar perseguir to caso imediatamente.

Construction Site Accidents Happen, We Can Help

stock-photo-16304582-construction-site-accident1-300x250The construction industry can be a very dangerous field of work. Contractors, developers, property owners, product manufacturers and employers are required to abide by strict construction site safety regulations, but sometimes they don’t always comply.

If an employee has been injured during a construction job due to safety standards not being met, the accident victim may be eligible for compensation by filing a workers’ compensation claim. But did you know that parties other than your employer could potentially be liable for your work injuries in a third-party claim? Other responsible parties include subcontractors, equipment manufacturers and drivers.

In 2013, one in five worker deaths were in construction. OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) has four different categories of construction worker injuries titled “the fatal four” which include falls, electrocutions, “caught in-between” and “struck by object.” The fatal four account for 58% of construction worker fatalities.

Some common construction site injuries and accidents that we handle include…

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Head injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Heavy machinery/crane accidents
  • Exposure to dangerous, toxic chemicals
  • Fires and explosions
  • Trench and scaffolding collapse

Report your injury to your employer as soon as possible and seek medical attention. Focus on your recovery while the lawyers at Klezmer Maudlin work on your case to help get you the maximum amount of compensation you deserve. Our lawyers will help you gather the evidence you need to your suit. Regardless of who is at fault, you have a right to file a claim for benefits which cover medical expenses and a portion of your lost wages.

If you file a third-party claim, the compensation revered is in addition to your workers’ compensation benefits which can include pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses and more.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a construction accident, call Klezmer Maudlin at 317.569.9644 so we can get started right away at pursue your claim.