Why has a nurse case manager been assigned to my worker’s compensation claim?


When the worker’s compensation insurance carrier orders medical treatment for an injured worker, a nurse case manager (also known as a rehabilitation nurse) may be assigned to attend the appointments with the injured worker. Although it is legal for the insurance carrier to do this, YOUR RIGHTS as an injured worker are as follows:

  1. You can request that the nurse case manager remain outside while you have your physical examination with the doctor.
  2. You can require that the nurse case manager speak to the doctor in your presence.indiana workers compensation


Can the nurse case manager or insurance carrier look at your medical records?

It depends. The nurse case manager and the insurance carrier have the right to see your records from the doctor(s) they have sent you to for work injury. You also have a right to obtain these records for your own review. But, to see any of your medical records that are unrelated to the work injury, they will need a signed authorization from you.

Can you get a new nurse case manager assigned to your case?

The worker’s compensation insurance carrier may voluntarily select another nurse. If the insurance company refuses and you wish to have the nurse case manager removed, then you should contact the Ombudsman Division at the Worker’s Compensation Board of Indiana for further assistance. You may need to file a Request for Assistance (Form 45442) with the Board in order for an Ombudsman to investigate your compaint. [Ombudsman Division – (800) 272-4922].

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