How Do Workers’ Comp Attorneys Charge?


Hiring an attorney for your workers’ comp claim can be looked at as an investment to make sure you receive the maximum benefits that you are eligible for. Although it is your right to either represent yourself in a workers’ compensation dispute or hire an attorney, keep in mind that our workers’ comp attorneys are highly experienced regarding the laws and system here in Indiana. But many people are hesitant because they don’t know how workers’ comp attorneys charge.

Our workers’ compensation attorneys do not ask for money up front and get paid only if there is a recovery.

Our attorney fee is set by State law and is set at 20% of any recovery up to $50,000 and 15% of any portion over $50,000. If we have any expenses, such as hiring a medical expert or collecting copies of your medical records, we deduct these expenses from the recovery.

If there is no money recovered, there is no attorney fee owed.

When deciding whether or not you want to involve an attorney, keep in mind that Indiana workers’ compensation laws are written in a way which tends to favor the employer as opposed to the injured employee. A free legal consultation with an experienced attorney may help you better determine if legal representation is needed for your situation.

Our office, from speaking to injured workers, knows that workers are oftentimes intimidated by the prospect of contacting an attorney and/or hiring an attorney. Hopefully, this information will ease that transition.

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